Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Its Christmas time...

Where has the year gone ??

Slightly late with this months Blog (before you even think it...its not because I have been hungover, in fact its some while since I have been 'Actually'..) Oh that was close, I nearly got myself off on a tangent..before we barely start.

Now firmly focusing on the task in hand - The December Wine Club bash, we decided that we would inflict our group and expert wine knowledge (!) on the staff at Prezzo Broadstairs. 
During the day of the meal most of the girls were texting to and fro about what to wear, sparkly seemed to be a favourite (it's an age thing), Terry chipped in on the back of this saying he was going to dress head to foot in tin foil...what a turkey.. (get it) ...well I thought it was funny..maybe one glass of mulled wine too many !?!?

We met early at Karen & Terrys for Champagne & amuse bouche (that's appetizers to you & me). Four of us arrived together and chatted away in the kitchen, we didn't think too loudly until Aitch had to stand on the door bell and shout through the letterbox to get our attention (you'll need to remember this comment for later). 

Once all gathered talk OBVIOUSLY came round to the Secret Santa presents and OF COURSE 'someone' couldn't and wouldn't wait until Christmas Day to open his, could he, MARK.. 

Although jaded from yet another Christmas party (yes, I know he doesn't look jaded here, but thats just excitment ) he had attended the evening before he soon perked up when the presents were being handed out. Actually whenever I have met him this month he ALWAYS seems to have come from a Christmas party, so basically December is like being on a permanent wine drip.  

There was one slight moment of panic when I glanced round the room to notice that Nick wasn't holding anything, after some checking we found his present tucked in the corner.  Well I say present in fact it was a bag of five (!) Terry wasn't happy about this and started to redistribute them, he originally thought two for Geoff was whoever gets Terry next year better make it a bag full. 

Yep, you are right that IS Nick in a suit & he said he even ironed the shirt (there is a longer story to the reason he actually mentions this in case you thought who wouldn't but that's for another time)

After reclaiming his presents Nick was allowed to open one... Well what a result, whoever bought that surely could never have imagined the hours and hours of fun to be had with a telescopic magnet !  Naturally the boys thought it would be good to try opening the zips on the dresses (ha didn't work) than we joked all the women with underwired bras would be drawn to him (we all turned our backs away from his 'special powers' ) it picked cutlery from the floor in the restaurant (don't ask) it pulled the salt pot across the table, it destroyed my cracker present, it took keys from pockets, you get the idea, it was with us the WHOLE evening...

The rest of us have to wait to see what Santa has given us, just two more sleeps to go. I REALLY hate that saying.  I notice I am SHOUTING a lot of words in this Blog, I'll try and STOP... ha ha ha, sorry mulled wine kicking in again.

Opps nearly forgot, the comment you had to remember from above, that's above in the text not from him (or her) above.  Walking to the restaurant there was a terribly loud group of lads shouting in the street so I said 'what a noise they are making, we're never loud like that'.  Aitch soon put me right on that....

All in all as expected we had a really good evening, another year of wine clubs under our belts, none the wiser but who cares !

Merry Christmas & Best Wishes for the New Year.

Time to stick a cork in it.

Bye S x

PS Did I mention Mark & the £80 !

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