Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Memory Lane

I must be getting old because they say as you age you can remember the past as if it was yesterday but you can't remember yesterday !

Well, I must be really old... Today at work I spent a good 10 minutes trying to get the printer to work, to'ing and fro'ing between the computer and the printer wondering where the invoice was...I finally gave up and went to call a colleague ..only to find the invoice already on the desk... That I had put there earlier... OMG seriously losing the plot !  This printer is in another room so cut me some slack not completely bonkers ( well I think that makes it better )

Actually it's not a good start to the Blog to begin with a digression,  for flips sake took me some time to think what the word was for getting side tracked, maybe I should have put side tracked and you'd have been none the wiser, OMG doing it again... Right focus ... Wasn't that a DIY store...only joking not going off on another tangent !

This months wine club was out in the sticks at Jacqui and Nicks, it's not actually out in the sticks but feels a bit like it to us townies ..we were going for a Retro wine club inspired by chatting last month about our childhoods.  We had to bring a wine either from then or now and something from our childhood.  Not 'actually' a wine from then, although some of our parents might have had something stashed in the back of the cupboard.  I have to say some of us were slightly concerned that we'd be drinking Black Tower all evening, I know they have tried to reinvent it but really..who buys it !?!?

We'll kick off with the things from our childhoods you would be amazed at what had been saved, the pottery pot that Steve made, he had to pick it up from his Mums who he'd made it for and she'd kept it all these years,  so sweet he must be her favourite, it was actually quite good, maybe he should be teaching pottery and not Maths. Next thing you know he'll have a potters wheel installed in the shed and Steve and H will be re-creating 'that' scene from Ghost ! 

We had lots of school reports -Terrys zest for life, what teacher would write that today and photos - don't mention the ex-fiancĂ©, there were cuddly toys from two of the girls I think the boys were just embarrassed to bring theirs.  

As mentioned before Geoff skipped his childhood, we thought about bringing his first wage slip instead but no I introduced him to the delights of Blue Peter and making something from a washing up bottle with sticky back you remember that too. We made badges too and took along our rocket and helicopter.  As its 2014 we downloaded the instructions and spent a few hours getting stuck to everything with superglue ..such fun.  

Impressed with Nicks spatula he had made and an impressive sword made by Marks father, Mark has not inherited his DIY skills (sorry Mark but it's true..big kiss, love you really). Although I think one of his school reports said something about be crafty... Maybe we misinterpreted that comment !

Now the wine, we started in the past with Blue Nun £5, the best thing about this was it now come in a lovely blue bottle. The best comment was that this wine is best drunk with a curry, so you can't taste it.

Followed by a 'now' a Reisling £7.99 tart and citrus flavours other comments were sweet and a bit rough.

Then we had our wine, I had mis-read my email to bring a red table wine from France and brought a white, I don't think buying the red would have been less embarrassing though.. French table wine was really hard to find, it's is now disguised as Wine of beware when shopping, although it is generally found on the bottom shelf and who bends down there ... It was £4.99 from Morrisons and we thought I had been robbed say no more...

We moved on the the hosts, we were convinced Jacqui had decanted a Paul Mason ( if you can still buy that) or even a Mateus Rose... As the bottle was clear.  sadly a disappointing wine for £8, we decided maybe the sun needs to be shining to enjoy a good Rose.

We ended with Mark and Linda's 2009 Bordeaux - when it was decanted earlier in the evening no attention was paid to the bottle, when it was passed round and Mark mentioned it was a gift from Jacqui for his 50th, Jacqui went pale, it was a very special bottle of wine that was supposed to be kept for ten years..Opps what a faux pas !!  A bit disappointing - Les Granges des domains Edmond de Rothschild Haut Medoc was not at it's best, it hadn't mellowed enough to enjoy the chocolate and raspberries flavours to their full. 

I am glad to say we live in the 'now' because these wines really prove that the wine world has moved on leaps and bounds...and so has electricity...well, except in Minster... We had a power cut, oh, so authentic what a way to end a fun evening.

December is our evening out, all off to Prezzo, don't forget to bring your Secret Santa presents.

Time to stick a cork in it.

Bye S x

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