Monday, 19 January 2015

Things that go bump in the night

We stood in to host the first one of the year, Jacqui and Nick had too much on their plate (their plate is always overflowing). I made the snap decision to do a Bordeaux tasting.

Now you are probably thinking doesn't Mark LOVE Bordeaux he should be really pleased with the choice, I had expected to hear something positive back from him... But no, nothing (heartbroken) then I thought... It will be the afternoon before the wine club and he'll say to Linda he doesn't like her choice of Bordeaux although he'd shown no interest up until that point.. How right was I ?!

We started the evening with a lovely champagne brought back from France last year as we gathered to catch up and chat before taking our places at the table, sometimes I feel we could just stay like that for the whole evening. Except we get quite hungry.  Talking of food, you know me keep it simple, big dish of chicken & roast veg, mini garlic jacket potatoes and red cabbage.  Silly Mark & Terry wanted to know how I had made the jacket potatoes, well I took them from the fridge undid the packet and popped them in the oven for 40 mins.. what did they think, that I had actually made them myself...those two are just too chefy for their own good ! (I am all about keep it simple Jamie Oliver hasn't got a patch on me in that area)  Talking of being too Chefy, Terry said thank you Secret Santa for his apron but no he doesn't want a chefs hat next year to go with it !

I am pre-warning you I am going to go off track from wine now... Conversation was varied and interesting with a fair amount of time spent talking about the paranormal, among us are believers and the sceptical (and of course the spirits in the room.. And I don't mean the whiskey and the gin !)  We covered, astral projection, meditation, déjà vu, sixth sense those of us that have it and those that think its a load of old toffee... Is it really all in the mind or is there 'something' else around us ???  

Linda showed some concern that she could sense something upstairs in our house.. really ? I never noticed more that a cold draught !!! Although frequently I think Geoffs has come home from work because I hear him come in the front door ...but he hasn't, it does really sound like that though, bit freaky actually ( but don't tell Linda she may not come round again ) and of course the cat stares up the stairs for no reason, although cats do this because they know it freaks humans out big time... starting to scare myself now.. and as for the mind playing tricks, ask Aitch about the trunk in the loft being dragged across the floor.. or so she thought !

Back to the matter in hand, wine drinking.  We started with our Bordeaux from Aldi, people rave over the good value of Aldi wines so I grabbed a bottle for £4.99 being assured its like buying a £7 bottle.  Bordeaux Superieur 2013 12%. I decanted it, always useful to disguise the wine...well the only thing I can say is as a wine club we are better than we thought we were, we all thought it had the aroma of vinegar and didn't taste much better, hints of menthol, liquorice and cloves.. you didn't need a sixth sense to know this was heading for the plughole. There was some left over the next day, no surprise there, I thought it may have improved.. nope !

Next up was Mark & Lindas Medoc Bordeaux, much better than the first (not difficult) much smoother although with that French complexity that you come to expect. Tesco Finest Chateau Font Bonnet 2012 12%. Fruity, full bodied hints of spice, a merlot Cabernet blend. Steve felt that this would have tasted better if warmer and suggested that his, the next one needed to be warmed up.

So the already decanted Borbeaux was given to Geoff to warm up, Steve suggested in the microwave.  I thought no more about it until Geoff returned with the bottle only slightly warmer... at the same moment I thought I could smell burning, so checked the food on the hot plate on the table, Geoff said no it wasn't that... he was reluctant to say what it actually was until pushed... he'd thought can't put the wine in the micky, I'll put a tea towel in to warm up and then wrap round the bottle, bit like putting those bean neck warmer thingys in to warm (or so he thought) I can see the logic in that, however, he set light to the tea towel & had to abandon it out into the garden... thinking about it, there was the opportunity there, to call in the firemen...  (Don't get me off on that tangent as that will lead me right into swash buckling musketeers and there will be no getting me back on track.. mmm) oh, sorry drifted off there for a while :)

Chateau LaFerriere 2011 14%  from Bergerac. This wine was the best of the evening really good aromas and hints of chocolate flavours. whether warming and decanting had helped who knows.  I will say it didn't keep though, just enough for one glass the next day I only had a few sips and had to abandon it, it had become really harsh. (The bonus of hosting the wine club is these days, there is usually some wine remaining)

Last one, a white Bordeaux to have with dessert (apple tart & cream) now if you normally shy away from dessert wines finding them too sickly sweet you may like this one.  Maybe only half as sweet as they normally are, lovely light colour and fruity aromas and taste, very good indeed. Premieres Cotes de Bordeaux 12.5% from Tesco. Would also make a great aperitif. I am actually going to have the last glass this evening with my baked apple. (its Monday, yes I know it's a work night, but it says on the bottle once opened drink within two days, can't see it go to waste)

We then retired to the lounge (as one does) for coffees, teas and a couple of Limoncellos and some delicious chocolates.

We thoroughly enjoyed hosting & hope our guests enjoyed the evening too.

Time to stick a cork in it.

Bye S x

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