Thursday, 20 September 2012

... A Drought..

Well, FINALLY, six of us managed to get together for the September wine club, the last few months have been a drought, a drop of wine hasn't touched my lips since the last meeting in June.  (Now if you believe that then you may have also noticed rather a lot of flying pigs).

..Well, ACTUALLY, eight of us also managed to meet a few days earlier at a wine tasting locally by Laithwaites wine club, just a mere 32 wines to try, I managed 17 .. as you can imagine they were very small measures..   So a bit like buses really no wine club for months then like buses two come along at same time!  I think Karens shipment is due anytime...

So September wine club, it was hosted by me, the other half was called out before our guests arrived and returned when we were about to have pud.  Not that he could have sampled the wine anyway as he was on call and driving, sorry starting to ramble, old habits die hard..

Chilean wine was the choice, there were two whites and a red, first up our bottle of Vina Araya a Chardonnay Viognier 2011 13% packed with tropical fruits and hints of peach a good wine for £4.49 should have been £9.99. 

This was followed by Isla Negra Reserva (they make a nice sparkling) this was a 2012 12% Sauvignon Blanc, what can you say but very nice, plenty of gooseberry, grapefruit and lime flavours to pack a punch.  Well chosen by Nic.

Then we had the red, a Cabernet Sauvignon 2012 10% smooth and full of blackcurrant flavours and aromas.

Needless to say, notes were a little thin on the ground, although we did all put pen to paper, some more doodle that words..

Then as a treat or I thought it was, we tried a 2008 Massaya Classic red, Bekaa Valley, Lebanon, a mixed blend that cost £12 a bottle that came via a top world leading Sommelier, (so I was told) well.... didn't taste any better than its aromas, it was ok'ish but certainly nothing to rave about.  Although Mick who wasn't at the wine club, managed to finish most of it up the following day.

In case you are interested there were some favourites from the Laithwaites evening:

A fab New Zealand Reserve sauvignon Blanc 2011 Babich, a drinkable Prosecco, Alessandro Gallici and a nice white rioga, Baron de Barbon.

So the drought is over, it was good to catch up and looking forward to the next one.

Time to stick a cork in it.

Bye S x

PS This came in from Jacqui ..

Quote for the blog

Jane( one of my business partners here) told me today that because of all the disparaging remarks about her tendencies to drink black tower she went and “ bought herself a bottle of expensive wine” and she hated it.

I said “oh dear” and tried to explore the reasons for her dislike and asked her the colour( she said red)  and then ( saying perhaps it was too complex a wine )asked her where the wine was from

I am sure you can guess the answer………………..

“ The off licence at  the corner “ she said innocently ……………

Is there any hope ? She had better come to the next WC…………………