Sunday, 19 October 2014

Boogie Nights

I was really looking forward to the October wine club get together (not that I don't normally).. It would be the first time since May I think that we had all been able to make it.  I could of course check this fact by looking back through the Blog but you know how it is, can't be bothered it's a bit of a fuss to do... Although in the time it had taken to type all that I could have probably have checked.

Our hosts Mark and Linda had chosen Spanish wines complimented with Tapas, inspired by Marks recent holiday to Spain, walking the Camino de Santiago. You can check out the walk on his blog  Don't do that now though, keep reading mine !

As it turned out we didn't all make it, my other half had also returned from Spain but with a stinky cold and didn't want to pass it on the others, so he stayed at home.  Have to say, he missed a good one.

The wine turned out to be secondary really to the evening... Lots of chatting and laughing.  Later followed by dancing, not quite Strictly come dancing but the girls and Mark were up dancing to our 80's favourites all we needed were some handbags in the middle to dance around to make it more authentic . Jacqui managed to get Nick up on the floor too and Karen took Terry into the garden supposedly to dance.  It was a really mild evening in case you think why outside in October.

The homemade tapas was delicious, Linda said she had wanted to put it all on the table so we could help ourselves but Mark wanted to bring it out in stages.  Linda wrote a list but no this wasn't good enough for Mark, he chose to line the outside of the kitchen cupboard with numbered post it notes (Mark is Mr Post It)  we all commented that number eight was missing, Mark wasn't bothered by this at all, it will be fine ( one of his many famous sayings)

We tucked in as we worked our way through the wines, two whites and four reds. The fourth red being Linda's, once again Mark wanted to share the wine he had brought back from Spain and not use Linda's even though she has selected because it had a little bull hanging from it so cute..however, you know us, not to pass up the opportunity for more wine we opened that one too.

Have to say the one that came from the airport in Spain was tops by far, a really smooth velvety delicious red, no tannin at all, it won hands down.

I suppose this is a good place to actually talk about the wines, lots of notes made, I know impressive..we'll get on to Linda and her three new dresses in a bit ..

First up a white, Valdepomares 2013 Viura grape (?) - we thought this was the best to the two whites.  It was clean crisp and zingy. Other comments enticing and succulent makes a change from 'nice'.

The second white at first appeared to have little flavour after the first one,as it warmed up slightly it improved. Citrusy notes to it.

we moved on to the reds, Marks was first up, delicious, vanilla overtones, chocolate and plums as you can imagine, this bottle was empty at the end of the evening. Nip back over Mark and buy some more please!!

I am afraid after that the other reds didn't stand a chance, they just seemed more 'rustic' even with similar flavours of chocolate, plums and cherries.  

Marks was just 'Bloody Marvelous' to coin his phrase.

So at the this point the tapas courses came to an end the desserts came out, we all encouraged Nick to eat up the mini eclairs which he had a good go at... As Linda started to clear up, she noticed the oven was still on.... and found tapas course number eight (you remember the missing post it) lovely lemony garlicky chicken and potatoes, so we all tucked in again, except Nick suprisingly ..not !  So the wine club now also has a new way to serve a meal - Champagne & nibbles to start, main course, desserts and cheese followed by more main course..wonder if this trend will catch on ?

All in all a magnifico noche !

Next month out to Minster, remember to bring along something from your childhood.  As we said yesterday evening, Jacqui couldn't bring Steve (inspired so so late in the evening) and Linda & Helen sisters can't bring each other.  Don't know what Geoffs going to do because we always say he didn't have a childhood !

Secret Santa names were given out and next years hosts months, which means 2014 is rushing toward its finish.

Opps nearly forgot, Lindas dresses... one of their sons is getting married next May so a new outfit is required which is easier said then done, Linda had three possible outfits and as much as we tried we couldn't get her to try them on ( and we really did try ) and give us a fashion show, we were all keen to vote.. In the end we had to settle for them just being shown with Linda giving us plenty of reasons why she wouldn't be keeping any of them... So more shopping I think !

Time to stick a cork in it

Bye S x