Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Hubba Bubba

Tough choice write the Blog or play with my new shiny white iphone, naturally the Blog won over...

Or the truth .. the old SIM card was too big so tried to adapt the old SIM but have broken it, so now have no working phone at all... :(

So back to the Hubba Bubba, now you are thinking whats the connection with bubblegum & wine tasting..well, the cherry tasting Tempranillo reminded me of hubba bubba.. so there you go, simples !

A little background to this months choice (my choice) Tempranillo -

A Brief History of Tempranillo

Proof of wine in ancient Spain was discovered in 1972, when archaeologists unearthed a mosaic of the wine god Bacchus at BaƱos de Valdearados in North-central Spain. Tempranillo may well have been the wine shown in the mosaic because it has been in Spain since 800 BC.
Who Brought Grapes to Spain? The Phoenicians brought wine to Southern Spain. Tempranillo originated from this area so it’s quite possible that Tempranillo is related to ancient Phoenician species in Lebanon. Tempranillo now grows most commonly in the Navarra and Rioja which are about 300 miles West of Barcelona, Spain.
International Tempranillo Day is November 8th – see
for more information
Find out about Spanish Wine on

Tempranillo on
On with the tasting we were looking for:
Tempranillo Characteristics
FRUIT: cherry, plum and tomato
OTHER: leather, tobacco, vanilla, and clove
OAK: Yes. Commonly 12-18 mo. in American or French Oak
A full house at our wine tasting this month, five bottles tasted and compared to Sangiovese & Cabernet Sauvignon, which Tempranillo is supposed to taste similar too.

Dining room chairs were juggled and an extra table added to squeeze us all in, the food was antipasto style, nice and easy to get ready in advance.

First up, Las Primas Gran Famila  100% Tempranillo 2012 13% £4.49 (half price) brought by Karen & Mick, this was a well received fruity wine, with spicy berry hints and flavours of plums and cherries.  Generally more like the Sangiovese, although not all agreed.  Karen & Terry brought along the identical bottle although paid £6.49 for it a week earlier, strangely it tasted completely different.  Mick said we were all Pl*****s..yes, he did put that in writing !

(BTW its 24 hours on, my new iphone is still not up & running, SIM sorted, nice man at carphone warehouse salvaged what he could to get it in the new phone, connected to itunes sync'd info BUT no WiFi here at work so have to wait until I get home to finish off the set up.. Before anyone says anything to the Boss, I Blog in my lunch hours)

Number two, Lagunilla Reserva 2007 Rioja 13.5% A blend 80% Tempranillo & 20% Granache.  This wine was aged in American oak barrels. A lovely cherry red colour. Toasty aromas and mild forest fruit flavours, soft tannin with a long finish. This was my favourite wine of the evening, and the rest of the group. Although, saying that, not a record breaker, most of us gave 7/10 and one 8/10.

Next up, Marues de Alarcon 2010 13 1/2% from Marks & Spencer, that's bought from, they weren't actually at the wine club, it was brought by Steviepops & partner. A tempranillo blended with Shiraz.  A medium bodied wine giving black cherry and mulberry flavours, except none of knew what a mulberry tasted like..we generally thought it was quite a harsh tasting wine, to put it bluntly it was bit 'rough'.  Also tasted like hubba bubba too.

Last up, Navarra Tempranillo 2012 ( I can't read the name on the label, text to jazzy) a budget wine from Lidl at £3.70 brought along by Jacqui & Nick, for the cost it wasn't bad, it would certainly get drunk at a party. Deep red colour is about all that was notable, or nothing else was noted !

The evening passed in a generally hum of chit chat and laughter.

Being the host, we got one load in the dishwasher as everyone was leaving but this the balance waiting for us in the morning...

Time to stick a cork in it.

Bye S x

Monday, 16 September 2013

Sound like a true Wine Buff

Barolo (barr-oh-low)
          A big robust, long-lived, red wine from Piedmont, Italy.
Brunello di Montalcino (brew-nel-lo dah mon-tal-chee-no)
A very long-lived and exquisite red wine from Tuscany, Italy.
Burgandy (burr-gun-dee)
Famous wine area in southeast France, known worldwide for
excellent red and white wines.
Cabernet Sauvignon (ka-behr-nay so-veen-yohng)
          Famous red wine grape varietal. Its origin is from Bordeaux, France.
Chardonnay (shar-doh-nay)
          Exquisite white wine grape varietal. Its origin is both the Burgundy and Champagne districts in France.
Chenin Blanc (shay-nan-blawnk)
          Excellent white wine grape varietal. Its origin is the Loire Valley of
France where it goes by the name of Vouvray, first introduced
commercially in the USA by Robert & Peter Mondavi around 1955.
Chianti Classico Riserva D.O.C. (key-aunt-tee)
          Superb red wine from the Tuscany area of Italy. It is known
worldwide as a good wine with most pasta and meat sauce dishes.
Fume Blanc (foo-may-blawnk)
          French name for Sauvignon Blanc white wine grape varietal. First
introduced commercially in the USA by Robert Mondavi around
1966. Fume Blanc has a crispy, smoky, rocky finish.
Gattinara (got-tee-nah-ra)
          Outstanding red wine produced in the Piedmont area of northern Italy.
It’s very long-lived and needs proper aging.
Gavi (gah-vee)
          A crispy, dry excellent white wine from the Piedmont area of northern
Italy. Gavi is named after a German princess. It is superb with fish or
chicken dishes.
Gewurztraminer (guh-verts-tra-mee-ner)
          This wine is an excellent Alsatian white wine grape varietal with
aromatic aroma and bouquet and a totally dry finish. Great with
Merlot (mare-low)
          Red wine grape varietal with origins in the St. Emilion and Pomerol
parishes of Bordeaux. This noble grape produces a medium-bodied
or lighter style red wine.
Nebbiolo (neb-bee-o-low)
          Famous red wine grape varietal from Italy. It is said to be the “anchor”
for the great Italian red wines.
Pinot Grigio (pee-no-gree-geo)
          Noted Italian white wine grape varietal, it produces a very light and
delicate white wine. Try the new Danzante by Robert Mondavi and
Marchesi de Frescobaldi.
Pinot Noir (pee-no n’war)
          Very famous red wine grape varietal, it produces the great red
Burgundy wines of France.
Riesling (rees’ling)
          Famous German white wine grape varietal that produces low-alcohol,
fresh and fragrant German Moselle and Rhine wines. The grape was
discovered by Benedictine monks in 1775.
Sangiovese (san-ge-o-vay-zee)
          Excellent Italian red wine grape varietal. It is the basic grape, along
with others, for Italian Chianti. In California, it produces a softly dry,
excellent red varietal wine.
Sauvignon Blanc (so-vee-yohng-blawnk)
          A French white wine grape varietal, it is found both in the Bordeaux
and Loire Valley wine areas of France. Its attributes include a light,
dry, crisp taste.
Semillon (say-mee-yohng)
          Another fine French white wine grape varietal, its origin is Bordeaux,
France. Both France and California blend it to make superb dry or
sweet wines.
Spatlese (shpate-lay-zuh)
          German wine term that means the grapes are late harvested. The sugar
content in the grape is higher than in a normal harvest and produces a
sweeter wine.
Syrah (see-ra)
          A very famous Rhone Valley of France red wine grape varietal, used in
both Chateauneuf du Pape and Hermitage- both superb-quality Rhone
Zinfandel (zin-fan-dell)
          Excellent California red wine grape varietal with its origin in Apulia,
Italy, which is geographically the “heel of the boot” of Italy. Zinfandel
is a clone of the Sangiovese grape.


From Great American Guide to Fine Wines, Victor L. Robilio, Jr., 2002