Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Taxi trauma... and disqualification

'Hi I'm back, rested chilled and ready to roll (wishful thinking)... part of me thought, hey why bother no-one reads this anyway ... Might be a bit extreme but I know for certain one of our clan doesn't even though he has featured regularly, yes that's right MARK its you !!! 

It was a real body blow Mark, I was devastated, I casually mention to Mark I might start Blogging again this month, he casually remarks he didn't know I'd stopped and after all the reading and following I'd done of his walking blog and NO I am not going to put the link in ... petty I know but ha ha... (actually got over the devastation fairly promptly when my wine glass was filled ).

Right now children listen with mother, or something like that, some kiddie TV show catch phrase or other from years ago (did you notice I haven't lost the touch of digressing or rambling away) on with it

Hosts: Terry & Karen

Wine Buffs:  Eight

Wine: Malbec

We were the usual rowdy lot on arrival, some things also never change,  first wine was passed round for tasting whilst still chatting in the kitchen, we suddenly all paid attention when we were informed there was a quiz with a PRIZE at the end... how shallow are we !

Meal as expected was superb, Moroccan chicken, two delicious dessert and a fine selection of cheese and the wine wasn't bad either.

I have to confess Malbec is a favourite of mine, particularly from Argentina or Chile.  They were all very drinkable...results as follows:

Tupunato    M & S 2009  13.5%  Argentina

Smooth velvety wine with spicy notes, berry flavours

Although voted most popular it was DISQUALIFIED which is a first for the wine club
The shame of a will Steve & Helen live with it.. I'm hearing 'bothered not !  Helen however did get a brownie point for best matched dress to hosts kitchen.

Opps, nearly forgot to say why the disqualification (such a long word to keep typing) it was a blend not a pure Malbec and the brief was Malbec... simples ..

Bio Bio Valley   Co-Op 2013 14% £6.99 Chile

Quite a peppery wine, black currants

This was joint 2nd which obviously turned into joint first..our wine.  No that fact didn't influence me in voting for the disqualification, I mean who would do that (Ssshh probably the other joint 2nd couple !) 

Mendoza Waitrose 13% 2015  Argentina

We thought this one was French.  Lots of cherry and plum flavours.

Trivento 13.5% 2015 Argentina £7.99

The old wellie boot aromas or possibly leather ?? A slight menthol taste too.  Don't be put off it was still drinkable.

For those that like the detail:

Generally look for:

Fruit Flavours of Black cherry, pomegranate, raspberry, blackberry & blueberry

Aromas of Cocoa, milk chocolate, coffee, mocha, molasses, leather, black pepper, gravel ??

Argentine & Chile Malbec:
Main flavours blackberry, plum, black cherry. Hints of chocolate, violet flowers, leather.

France Malbec:
Main flavours leather, tart currant, black plum, black pepper & spice.

And finally not forgetting the quiz...... well we did really really badly, however in our defence the questions/answers weren't in the brief we were given, as you'd expect... you know how it is, with the above article and answer the questions win a holiday to Butlins or whatever ...

Answers on a postcard please:

Match the Malbec wine regions with the production acreage

(without using the internet you cheats )

South Africa
New Zealand

1,100 acres
2,500 acres
15,000 acres
3,400 acres
1,100 acres
200 acres
76,700 acres

Our winner MARK scored 3 points
Two of us tied with 1 point

And trauma... what is it about trying to get a taxi on a Saturday evening from Broadstairs... picture the scene, a lovely evening is coming to a close, so we decide we are off shortly under our own steam (luckily) Mark calls for a taxi and is advised 45mins.. they wait and they wait and wait... conversation gradually grinds to a halt as tiredness sets in, the hosts just want to clear up and the stragglers to clear off, in the nicest of ways of course, eventually the taxi appears so Linda can squash the idea of all going out and sitting in the car they came over in just to get out of the way.... Taxi Trauma !

It was great to be back at wine club, missed them all through the summer months, lovely evening chaps, roll on the next one.

Time to stick a cork in it.
Bye S x

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