Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Chilean Wine Tasting January 2011

We knew it would be a good one and we weren't disappointed.  There is something about Chilean wines, years ago we'd have turned our noses up if we'd been offered a glass but they really have come on leaps and bounds.  Most were deep ruby in colour, berry aromas, smooth and fruity to taste and a real pleasure to drink. They are also well priced for the quality.  They work with or without food.

Hosted this month by Terry & Karen. We tasted five Chilean wines, we ALL managed to make notes, you have no idea how rare this is.  Maybe it was the nice pens we had to use, I'm not sure Karen got them all back, if not might be worth frisking Mick !  Talking of pens Mr 'Special Pockets' Mark managed to get pen on the white cloth, along with the red wine spilt by others, talking of spillage there seemed to be rather a lot this time... hope Karen had the tub of vanish handy.  Karen also managed to get red wine in her eye !

All five wines were enjoyable, coming in at second place was a Cabernet Sauvignon Carmenre blend 2010, Carmenere is fast developing into Chile's signature wine.  This wine had notes of vanilla, violets, plums. A much heavier wine than the others with distinct tanins and a berry tasts. 13% so a real hangover wine, it cost £5 on offer normally £8.99 From Tesco.

Coming in at first place was our wine, a Waitrose  recommendation.  Errazuiz Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 2009 Anconcagua Valley. On offer at £5.69 normally £8.49 and worth every penny.

This gently oaked wine with its deep ruby colour and immediate blackcurrant aroma tinged with menthol notes.  There was a slight dusty/musty hint to this wine which most of us picked up on.  It was beautifully smooth to drink with a long finish.  Excellent to drink by itself but worked equally with food.  Its a steal at just over a fiver.

We did our wine tasting in pairs this time, I was paired with Terry, as you know we have been tasting wine for years now, and 'should' know our grapes. Heres how we got on:

Wine No. 1 Cabernet sauvignon   ~ we thought it was a Cab (Though I did buy it!)
Wine No. 2 Cabernet sauvignon Carmenere  ~  we thought it wasn't a Cab, close..
Wine No. 3                       ~ we thought it could be a Cab, but forgot to note what it was !
Wine No. 4 Melot                        ~ we thought it was a shiraz, we lost the plot a bit here
Wine No. 5 Cabernet sauvignon Carmenere  ~ we thought it was a Cab, we'd had some water between

The pattern here is we only remember Cabernet Sauvignon unless it tastes like wellie boots then its a Merlot, I think maybe we need more practice...

Mick summed up the wine tasting with real understanding of Chilean wines " Apart from the grape, they are all the same" 

It was a great evening, Jackie & Nick you missed a good one.

Time to put a cork in it.

Bye S.

Pics... Mr 'Special Pockets' Mark and his tablecloth drawing & the wine experts (not) Mick Sue & Terry