Monday, 20 February 2012

Which wine are you ?

First a limerick from an eloquent member ~

There is a wine club from Margate
Which tastes wines bad and great
They maintain a log
And upload a blog
With an aim to educate !

It was our turn to host the wine club so we decided to go with something a little different... each couple if possible to bring along a wine that suited their character.. e.g. you might be refreshing & bright, deep with a long finish (as someone suggested) !.. do you get the idea.. we also added a little valentine touch.. each person to wear a pink heart with clues to their wine (grape) & country.

It is actually quite fun when you think about your friends characters & which wine they would be.. puts a smile on your face..go on have a go.

Now before we get down to the wines & their clues for you to have a guess..some of the usual basics.. ten of us squeezed round the table, spilt drink ? oh yes, that was me within about five minutes of sitting down, I knocked my champagne into my lap..what a waste and real champagne too !!

Meal was once again Jamie Olivers bangers & mash, simple but yummy and stuffed tomatoes for the veggie option.

Okay here we go ~ see how you do.

Wine 1:  I am fresh, fruity & full of gas
             (Those that know our group well, can guess who wore this)
              Three classic grapes, hints of butter, biscuit & pineapple
              From the country that likes to eat snails

Wine 2:  Tart & tasty
               This wine has a great name for romantics
               Unusual aromas not often spotted include grass, asparagus & passion fruit
               This area is 'cloaked' on the West Coast
Wine 3:   Refreshing & zesty
               Grapefruit & gooseberries dominate
               Fairy tales, Sleeping Beauty & a long river
              (This had us completely stumped for the country.its not Germany !)
Wine 4:  We like to think we are this (thats this couple do..)
               One of us likes this kind food

Wine 5:   I still have my cherry (tones) Ooo I say...
              Spicy, oak and a touch of vanilla
              Olay (I think they were going for phonetic spelling!)

So now check you answers:

Wine 1: Charles Freminet champagne ~ grapes chardonnay, pinot noir & pinot meunier
              From M & S on offer £15   normally £30.. it was very good.
             ( Are this couple full of gas ?)

Wine 2: Darling ~ Sauvignon Blanc 2010 from South Africa
             (Are this couple romantic ?)

Wine 3: Touraine ~ Sauvignon 2010 from Loire Valley
             (Fairy tales & chateaux ~ do this couple live in a dream world ?)

Wine 4: Blaxland ~ Shiraz 2011 Spicy with subtle oak Australian
            (Are this couple subtle?)

Wine 5: Berberana Reserva ~ 2006 Rioja (Are this couple spicy)

I am pleased to say no-one scored less than 4.

There was also a prize for best valentine wrapping, which went to Stephanie, who wasn't actually there she is far too young, does that make her a princess of the fairy tale couple !!

Things drew to a close after midnight, when the bottles were empty and the chocolates gone.

All the wrapped wines & my personal favourite..

Just one big shock of the evening Mark (Mr I love Bordeaux... actually liked one of the whites..pick yourself up off the floor)

Time to stick a cork in it.

Bye S x