Sunday, 25 September 2011


A week late with the blog this month, I have been so busy catching up, I know you feel sorry for me.. But don't I have been chilling out in the South of France for a couple of weeks. I have to say it's a bit pricey down there EXCEPT for the wine( thank goodness ) a nice Bordeaux pitched in under a fiver... Shame we flew otherwise I would have brought a few cases home.

Anyway, back to the matter in hand, this months wine tasting. Australian was the hosts choice for September, always drinkable. Just seven of us at the get together so we tasted three and a half bottles, where does the half come from you ask.. That was Terry as he was half a couple this month he brought a half bottle of delicious dessert wine, well not half a bottle of dessert wine but half bottle size if you see what I mean, more about that wine later.

First off was a Verdelho 2009 12.5% smooth fresh tropical fruits and vibrant the bottle however had been over wrapped so it took a while to see what the label looked like !

Second up was a Semillion aromas of gooseberry, melon and floral notes. Quite a subtle wine.

Third a Shiraz which caught us all out, no-one recognized it as a Shiraz, the tasting notes combined for this wine come out as a fruity little tart!! Made me smile anyway..

We liked all these wines we couldn't pick a clear winner from them.

Then we tried The dessert wine, a clear winner by far but the question is does it count, or does it matter, it was a Semillion 2005 10% smooth smooth smooth, a must buy. Someone did suggest the it would be yummy poured over good vanilla ice cream, now there's a thought.

Seven at this meeting as I said above, three tasting sheets filled in and four who all agreed that blank was best !

Next month the Pumpkin Competion comes to a head, who will have the biggest, who will have the heaviest, some people were being very cool and not disclosing details of their progress. Pumkins were discussed at one point at the same time Mark text to say stop talking about his...just how did he know that when he was miles away ?? Spooky...

Time to stick a cork in it.

Bye S x