Monday, 17 March 2014

Lifes lessons..

Blogged by Mark (Standing in for Florence Nightingale… AKA Nurse Sue)

The March wine club gathering whilst small on numbers was big on flavour with some tasty offerings of the red grape variety. Our group was a little depleted as Terry was collecting Karen from the Airport after her trip to Italy. Geoff was recovering after his nose job (well I think that what he said) with Sue doing her ‘nurse thing’ apparently.
Anyway…onto the wine, our challenge was to recognise some fruity reds.

Three grape varieties were allocated randomly by our hosts; Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec...quite a challenge to distinguish some of these as they all have an element of spiciness.
The winner was a fabulous Wolf Blass Cabernet Sauvignon supplied by our hosts, with the other Cabernet coming a close second.

 Well done Linda and Jacqui who guessed all the grapes ( I am sure they must have cheated) and big thank you to our hosts for their excellent hospitality and laying on the all you can eat buffet …alas no silver service at this hostelry…just tasty fare including delicious Salmon of the smoked and steamed variety.

Some of life’s lessons emerged during the evening…

  1. Karen S - You get less tolerant as you get older (Watch out Mick)
  2. Mick – Don’t buy a house with a downstairs bathroom, it’s too just too convenient for needy family members and unwanted house guests.
  3. Nick – Don’t try to take command of the TV buttons when there are three grumpy women in the house.
  4. Mark – If someone offers you a nose job be sure you heard them correctly before you say yes.

Time to put a cork in it...
Thank you Mark, much apprecited for blogging this month, I love the Lifes Lessons, partuculary amused by Nick !!
As Mark mentioned I was playing nurse to my hubbie, who had a nose job on Friday, not in the kind of turn me into George Cloony lookalike kind of way (my suggestion !) but a 'Septoplasty' operation (ask Stoney for the medical defination) boils down to, an op to allow him to breathe easier and hopefully snore less !!  So I slipped into my Florence Nightingale mode and spent the weekend running about the house in my nurses outfit, opps, no, sorry, thats a whole other story ! 
I did my bit though, I had already bought my Shiraz as requested by the hosts in case I had been able to join the fun, so I tasted it at home, very nice it was to. Crozes Hermitage 2010 a classic french red from the Northern Rhone (thats France for any Noddys out there). Lots of blackcurrant aromas and tasted like squeezed can imagine, it was a real shame not to be able to share it with anybody (not).
Glad you all had fun.
Time to stick a cork in it.
Bye S x
PS He is a terrible patient, pretends he isn't ill..whilst looking like death warmed up :(