Wednesday, 26 June 2013

English Wine Success

Estate gains major global honours:  Several major international wine awards within the space of a week. Their Brut Reserve & Blanc de Blanc gaining Gold and Silver awards. The Vintage Rosé 2009 a silver plus a string of other awards.

Well done.
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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Summer sizzler (my foot)

Summer sizzler, the only thing sizzling was the delicious chicken on the bbq !
Summer wine club, "bring your favourite summer wine" requested Jacqui, visions of sitting in the English landscaped grounds of Jacqui and Nicks home, with the sun still warm from the long summer day, our skin lightly tanned & tingly from being outside, glasses clinking filled with bubbly champagne, laughter in the air, ahh bliss .... ha flippin' ha ..
The REALITY - sitting huddled on the patio under shelter as close as we could to the chiminea, with the cold wind whipping behind us, wrapped in jumpers and fleeces, all looking pale, we have forgotten what the sun actually looks like, on the positive side, we did laugh and we did have champagne but you know how it gets warmer as it sits in the glass ours got colder ! However, being British and made of sturdy stuff we managed to remain outside for two hours before we finally gave in and went inside, as our fingers were turning blue or was it as the warm glow of drinking faded.

Inside we took our seats around the table, with plates of tasty summer salads to compliment the bbq meats and started to tuck in, to the food and the wines.
We started with a white from Bordeaux:
Château Richemont White 2010  13% Sauvignon Blanc

ABOUT THIS WINE: Château de Sours dates back to the 14th century and the first vines were planted here by the Comtes du Richemont over 300 years ago. The property, which sits on a high limestone plateau overlooking the famous towers of St. Emilion, has recently gained an enviable reputation for the quality of its delicious, modern wines.

SERVING: This fresh and characterful dry white can be served chilled either on its own or with dishes such as roast pork or steamed asparagus with Hollandaise sauce.

We thought ~ very pale, little aroma or flavour but not in an unpleasant way, it was just on the placid side. 

This was followed by PS Pétillant de Syrah 2009  11.5%

Strawberry and summer berries aplenty, this lightly sparkling Provence favourite was a true success, this did actually remind me of a summer evening in St Tropez (beam me up Scottie & drop me there)

You can tell this next part is written by a professional from Laithwaites & not a blogger (me) but I have to agree with the points made.

As critics will tell you, "the quintessential rosé comes from the south of France" (Jancis Robinson MW) and the best is from Provence, the wines of which have "a quality and flavour all of their own". Add a gentle stream of tiny bubbles and it's hard to imagine a more seductive glass of wine.We've worked with the Bréban family for nearly 20 years and this little creation has been the biggest hit of all with our customers. It's ever so easy drinking - fruit rich, off dry, light on alcohol and only gently effervescent. That means it's ideal anywhere, anytime. Serve it Winter or Summer with canapés, seafood, spicy stir fries or a mixed fruit salad, or just on it own. It's irresistible, so even if you're not thirsty, you soon will be.

Next up the hosts summer white Macon Villages Chardonnay 12.5%

Crisp, bright, and refreshing fruit, this unoaked Mâcon shows classic apple notes. Dry and easy to drink, this is a fruity wine with a floral scent and a hint of lemon and mineral notes, the Mâcon Villages should be drunk as young as possible, I am assuming that's the wine and not young people !

Next was my wine, obviously not my wine, I don't have vineyard and make my own wine, although that would be nice, if only I had a relative to leave me a little place as in 'A Good Year' with Russell Crowe (if you haven't seen it sorry I have wandered from the point, easily done to think of sunshine and vineyards whilst it pours with rain outside and mid-summers day is only two days away, sorry off at a tangent again ~

My wine Spotlight Strathbogie Ranges Pinot Noir 2011 13%

A brave choice I thought on my part bringing this along, you will know from previous tastings the old Pinot doesn't fair well with us. It isn't my favourite summer wine, which is in fact a delicious pink fizz from laithwaites (we drank the last bottle I had, the other week prior to the golf club summer ball..sorry). I wrapped my bottle with a sunny yellow ribbon though, any brownie points for that ??

This is a top end Aussie Pinot Noir (so they say), it was a deep rich scarlet colour, aromas of cherry (so Linda would hate it) strawberry with a slight oaky hint, that's oaky not oki (that means something to us).  For a Pinot Noir it wasn't bad, it wasn't the best of the night either but no surprise there.  It did have a fruity flavour and not the usual 'thin' taste we have found in others. The blurb about this wine says 'amazing, luscious berry fruit' well I wouldn't go that far !

Number five was Carta Roja Gran Reserve Jumilla

Mark & Linda had high hopes for this wine they brought along, sadly it was disappointing.  Someone said it was Horrid Henry, harsh but true. Another comment was it had the aroma of a school assembly hall.

What they do say about this wine is:

This Gran Reserva is full bodied with ripe red fruit aromas and is not as dry as some other Spanish reds. On the palate there are flavours of plum and ripe red cherry, with hints of vanilla (due to being aged in oak barrels) and sweet notes.. we just didn't get this.

Last but not least Wolf Blass Yellow Label Cabernet Sauvignon

What can you say you just can't go wrong with Wolf Blass, well priced and very drinkable..

Top of the reds & whites for the evening ~ It was deep crimson with purple hues. Aromas of dark fruit, hints of plum and slightly minty with a little oak. Gentle tannins and silky finish.

So the final outcome of the evening was we loved the PS sparkling rose and the Wolf Blass.

Evening was ended desserts, tea, coffee chocolates (naturally) and a piano recital (how posh does that sound)

Time to stick a cork in it.

Bye S x