Monday, 21 January 2013

NICE as in yummy not South of France..

We started the year with the a banning... harsh but necessary.. the word NICE has been completly banned from being used for any reason from the moment you arrive at the wine club until the moment you leave, it doesn't just apply to describing the wine, you just can't use it.

Well you can BUT there is a price to pay, for each time its uttered its a 20p fine, you might think this is cheap, but lets look at the stats, about an hour after arrival the 'N' word had been constantly used for one reason or another, finally we just couldn't bear it any longer. From that moment on we started counting..36 times it was then used knowing there was a 20p fine, we just couldn't help it, it was crazy it just popped out all the time.... so we'd all be broke if the fine was higher and we would have no money to buy wine and we couldn't have that could we !

 The 'Nice' Pot

Linda thought it would be good idea to donate the money to charity at the end of the year, as she was the biggest 'N' word culprit of the evening maybe we'll run with her suggestion.
(Terry & I thought a good bottle of wine..opps nearly used the 'N' word !!)
Ten of us attended another riotous evening with with delicious antipasto together with some different wines.

We were asked to bring any of the following:

Pinot Grigio its characteristics are straw yellow with pinky tinges, aromas fresh and fruity with pear overtones.  We brought the only Pinot Grigio sadly it was cheap but only vaguely cheerful, as with many Pinot Grigio wines I always feel they are lacking, this one from Tesco was no exception.

Gavi its characteristics are a delicate pale straw colour with highlights of green. Fragrant and fresh with floral, green fruit and minerally overtones. With a lingering length. Gavi was a new experience for us, we had two to try and it was generally agreed they were rather good, even Mark (Mr Bordeaux) had to agree.. he was particullary taken about asking his wife Linda if she enjoyed the lingering length (!) yes, Mark was being cheeky in fact this started him off, he was 'frisky' the whole evening, it was either brought on by his 16 mile walk in the cold earlier in the day or there must have been something in the water or his water.

Then we tried another new wine, Nero d'Avola, never heard of it. We had two to try and one of them came out tops for the evening.  Its a wine with light red colour with pink and purple hues, it has intense fruity bouquet with notes of strawberries, cherries, dried figs and raisins. Rich textured with layers of damson, plum and liquorice spice flavours, elegant but powerful, full rounded on the mouth.

Thanks to the hostess for all the detailed tasting notes for each variety.  Nick did try eating the 'tasting notes' as you know he will eat anything and everything, he said he has had tastier paper...

A good start to the year, plenty of laughs which is why its always great to get together.

There was talk of attending a 'real' wine tasting evening in March, so that should be interesting and apparently we are allowed to ask two questions each.. I think our table may be trouble !!

Time to stick a cork in it.

Bye S x

PS Linda said yes it was a lingering length (what can I say)


January Fines

Geoff 60p
Mark 80p
Nick £1 (paid)
Jacqui 60p (paid)
Terry 20p ~ Entrapment apparently !
Karen 80p
Linda £1.80 (£1.20 paid then carried on using the N word !)
Sue £1
Helen 60p (paid)
Steve zip

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