Monday, 17 December 2012

Round Robin

Round Robin (aka “boast in the post”) for WC 2012


Who cares about Tarquin’s progress at prep school – this is far more important – the WC “Round Robin” for 2012!


It has been rather a busy year for the Wine Club, so busy that some WCs were cancelled this year and some were missed due to family weddings and milestone birthdays.  Despite this, the usual fun and enjoyment was held!


January – Italian wines were the order of the day.


February – we had snow this month and the theme for this month was based on romantic St. Valentine’s .  We had hearts to wear on our sleeves to describe wines, e.g. “I am fruity and full of gas”, “Fairy tales, Sleeping Beauty and a long river” and “I still have my cherry (tones).”


March – We tried Merlot (pronounced “Marelow”) – some were actually very nice!


April - was English wine to celebrate St. George’s Day.


May was an “anything goes” theme – this applied to the wine, not the wine members acting strangely!  There was also a Chelsea FC theme to this one – they were playing some   important football game.  Some members contacted family members during the evening to find out the score – but we did not tell our hosts – despite the old saying that drink makes you talk!


June was a collection of wines from Commonwealth countries (themed around the Queen’s diamond jubilee).  I wish I could say the wine from India was lovely but that would be a lie.  We all know who is responsible for providing this, so no names will be mentioned.  Lots and lots of laughter occurred at this one for some reason.


July and August were missed – too busy watching the fabulous Olympic Games.


September – Chilean wines were drunk at this one but some members were missing due to a 50th birthday celebration.  However, before this, some members attended a wine tasting event organised by Laithwaites at the Margate Winter Gardens with a total of 32 wines to try.  Needless to say, we did not quite manage to drink them all, but went back for seconds for one or two!


October – Wines from Argentina were the source for this one.  A quote from the blog: “Mick had done quite a bit of Google research and astounded us all with his knowledge of Argentina wine” – what a surprise!


November – Another family wedding prevented some members from attending which meant some of us missed out on the fashion show provided by Mark (refer to the blog for further info).  A lack of scoring sheets and pens were noted!


December – at the time of writing this has not yet been held but includes a best wrapped bottle competition, a quiz, swapping of the Secret Santa presents and a raffle.  All invited to bring their favourite wine.


Notes for 2013 – use a thesaurus - not all wine can be “nice” – some can be: agreeable, amiable, attractive, charming, commendable, delightful, likeable, pleasant, refined to name a few.  Actually, these are good descriptors for the WC members!


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