Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Sophisticated, Elegant & Sincere or in this case..Sancerre

Bit late with this months Blog, too busy walking the South East Coast, sounds more impressive than it actually was, although, I did manage to walk five consecutive days and just under 80 miles carrying a rucksack... needless to say, there was a glass or two of wine at the end of each day!

This month just six of us and two guests tasted some very 'nice' Sauvignon Blanc wines.  Our hosts Terry & Karen, allocated each couple New or Old World to see which we preferred.

As a reminder, the primary flavours (that's with a 'U', not without, as the American notes that we were given) found in Sauvignon Blanc are lime, green apple, passion fruit & white peach.  Generally, sophisticated and elegantly flavoured wine.

Guests, Chris & Nigel brought along a New World SB, it was very very pale, almost silver, no aroma to talk of but delicious clean peachy gooseberry flavours.  This was the winning wine of the evening (Brownie point for them)

Next up, Pouilly Fume, again very light in colour but with an overriding musty aroma. It was also extremely dry, it had a cork too, so no surprise it was an Old World from France.

Number 3 a Sancerre which had an odd fizzy tingle on the tongue, a bit like the sherbet lemon sweets, remember those ? It also seemed a little sweeter than the other two.

Finally, New World SB from New Zealand this one had a bit of a zingy tang to it and a slight spicy finish, it was a little too much, a bit of an overdone Sauvignon Blanc as some of the New Zealand ones have become.  Better without food was a common thought.

Terry & Karen as always were great hosts and served superb food, although Terry had a slight hiccup with his timings (unheard of) must have been that G & T he had at the start.  Note to group, do NOT give Terry a little drinkies prior to cooking !

Sorry for some reason photos won't upload, will try later.

The burning question the Wine Club are asking " How did Jackie & Nick get on together on the cruise, their first holiday together without their children & how did Nick cope with cruising " ???????  Find out in September, hopefully.

Time to put a cork in it.

Bye S x

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