Monday, 16 September 2013

Sound like a true Wine Buff

Barolo (barr-oh-low)
          A big robust, long-lived, red wine from Piedmont, Italy.
Brunello di Montalcino (brew-nel-lo dah mon-tal-chee-no)
A very long-lived and exquisite red wine from Tuscany, Italy.
Burgandy (burr-gun-dee)
Famous wine area in southeast France, known worldwide for
excellent red and white wines.
Cabernet Sauvignon (ka-behr-nay so-veen-yohng)
          Famous red wine grape varietal. Its origin is from Bordeaux, France.
Chardonnay (shar-doh-nay)
          Exquisite white wine grape varietal. Its origin is both the Burgundy and Champagne districts in France.
Chenin Blanc (shay-nan-blawnk)
          Excellent white wine grape varietal. Its origin is the Loire Valley of
France where it goes by the name of Vouvray, first introduced
commercially in the USA by Robert & Peter Mondavi around 1955.
Chianti Classico Riserva D.O.C. (key-aunt-tee)
          Superb red wine from the Tuscany area of Italy. It is known
worldwide as a good wine with most pasta and meat sauce dishes.
Fume Blanc (foo-may-blawnk)
          French name for Sauvignon Blanc white wine grape varietal. First
introduced commercially in the USA by Robert Mondavi around
1966. Fume Blanc has a crispy, smoky, rocky finish.
Gattinara (got-tee-nah-ra)
          Outstanding red wine produced in the Piedmont area of northern Italy.
It’s very long-lived and needs proper aging.
Gavi (gah-vee)
          A crispy, dry excellent white wine from the Piedmont area of northern
Italy. Gavi is named after a German princess. It is superb with fish or
chicken dishes.
Gewurztraminer (guh-verts-tra-mee-ner)
          This wine is an excellent Alsatian white wine grape varietal with
aromatic aroma and bouquet and a totally dry finish. Great with
Merlot (mare-low)
          Red wine grape varietal with origins in the St. Emilion and Pomerol
parishes of Bordeaux. This noble grape produces a medium-bodied
or lighter style red wine.
Nebbiolo (neb-bee-o-low)
          Famous red wine grape varietal from Italy. It is said to be the “anchor”
for the great Italian red wines.
Pinot Grigio (pee-no-gree-geo)
          Noted Italian white wine grape varietal, it produces a very light and
delicate white wine. Try the new Danzante by Robert Mondavi and
Marchesi de Frescobaldi.
Pinot Noir (pee-no n’war)
          Very famous red wine grape varietal, it produces the great red
Burgundy wines of France.
Riesling (rees’ling)
          Famous German white wine grape varietal that produces low-alcohol,
fresh and fragrant German Moselle and Rhine wines. The grape was
discovered by Benedictine monks in 1775.
Sangiovese (san-ge-o-vay-zee)
          Excellent Italian red wine grape varietal. It is the basic grape, along
with others, for Italian Chianti. In California, it produces a softly dry,
excellent red varietal wine.
Sauvignon Blanc (so-vee-yohng-blawnk)
          A French white wine grape varietal, it is found both in the Bordeaux
and Loire Valley wine areas of France. Its attributes include a light,
dry, crisp taste.
Semillon (say-mee-yohng)
          Another fine French white wine grape varietal, its origin is Bordeaux,
France. Both France and California blend it to make superb dry or
sweet wines.
Spatlese (shpate-lay-zuh)
          German wine term that means the grapes are late harvested. The sugar
content in the grape is higher than in a normal harvest and produces a
sweeter wine.
Syrah (see-ra)
          A very famous Rhone Valley of France red wine grape varietal, used in
both Chateauneuf du Pape and Hermitage- both superb-quality Rhone
Zinfandel (zin-fan-dell)
          Excellent California red wine grape varietal with its origin in Apulia,
Italy, which is geographically the “heel of the boot” of Italy. Zinfandel
is a clone of the Sangiovese grape.


From Great American Guide to Fine Wines, Victor L. Robilio, Jr., 2002

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