Monday, 22 October 2012

Mr Michael 'Malbec'

Well.... well, actually not, quite sickly in fact... not often I cannot make a wine club but this month I was too sickly to go out and have some fun and my kind husband stayed at home and cooked for me.. ah how sweet I hear you say, I think he is just making a point actually... I left him at home last weekend feeling very ill so he text'd me .. remember ' in sickness & in health' ..... so following that, he couldn't really go out and leave me could he ?!?..  so in light of this my Deputy Editor & photographer, Mark stepped in to do the Blog this month.
Needless to say I do jip in along his Blog.... renowned for jipping in as many will tell you... sorry can't help it..I am sick don't pick on me.
..And in true spirit of Blogging he managed to digress quite early on...
So without futher ado I hand you over to Mark ~ ohh one more thing there may be spelling mistakes, I acnnot spell tooday..don't pick on me I'm sick.
Hosted by Karen and Mick, we were treated to a couple of delicious Argentinian wines at this months gathering of wine ‘aficionados’ – yes I think we can use that descriptor, as Mick had done quite a bit of google research and  astounded us all with his knowledge of Argentinian wine (knock me down with feather!).
~ he is showing off (already) with big words.. 'aficionados' ...what is wrong with wine buffs ? what does he want the Editors job..
Also miss one month and Mick has me falling off my chair.. research ?????? whatever next

Apparently, according to our new resident Malbec expert -  Argentinians have been growing the French originated Malbec  grape since the 1990 – and 9 out 10 bottles produced in the country are consumed by the locals…it’s that good.
A little digressing now by Mark...

Oh yes – now here’s a funny story. I arrived straight from a Rotary charity swimathon (show off) and won the ‘what a berk’ prize for observation skills an hour before whilst  at the swimming pool…during a moments rest at the shallow end I got chatting to another fellow Rotarian who said he was from the Westgate and Birchington clan…  “I know someone at your Rotary group” I said… “Who’s that?” questioned the fellow swimmer….“Charlie Brightling is the guy I know, he’s the brother of my  friend  Geoff  – do you know him?”  This bit is a classic (!)  ”Know him, he said - I am him!

…I am Charlie Brightling – that’s me!...I went off to crawl under a rock contemplating how different someone can look in a pair of speedos and wet mop of hair. ..Next time keep your glasses on..

Anyway I digress, back to the important business of the wine tasting. The first was ‘Artesano de Argento’ (2011, 13.5%) from Tesco’s, great value at just £5 – Cherry hints, full bodied and really tasty.

 The second was a Malbec Cabernet blend  ‘Tupuncato’  (2009, 13.5%)  brought along by the couple with the well-stocked wine cellar,  this again had cherry hints but a more complex flavours and a long finish.

Finally, ‘Ortavida’ (2011, 13%) from Karen and Mick -  another red Malbec …still a little cold so perhaps not shown in its best light.

Overall we agreed unanimously that Malbec / Cabernet blended wine was the best.

A little known factoid (what has been drinking) (or myth perhaps) is that bottles with a deep dimple in their base are generally of better quality. As can be seen by the picture below – our chosen winning wine had a huge dimple…coincidence or fact – who knows….actually who cares, I hear you say…as long as it tastes good!
 .. Bottoms up !

That’s it I guess…time put a cork in it once again till next month
Thank you Mark you did well.
Bye Sx



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