Sunday, 22 May 2011

Grape minds think..

Hosted this month with a superb early summer BBQ , May’s gathering resulted in a bitter sweet journey through the wonders of German white wine. No -one bought a red, Karen informed us the Germans do in fact make red wine but they keep it to themselves (apparently they don t bother to  export much of it as they produce so little)

The first wine was Wolf Villa (2008)  from Broadstairs Bottle neck. This Pinot Gris (AKA Pinot Grigio in Italy) was a truly ‘Peachy’ example of excellent German wine – the delicate soft fruit flavour was well balanced and quite dry…a delightful and refreshing  little number…surprisingly even Mark poured a second glass!

The second example was again a Pinot Grigio, this time supplied by Mark and Linda. More like a Pinot ‘Gringo’, the  Kenderemannns 2009 was over sweet and mistaken by some as a desert wine (Yuk) Again Karen with her positive head on suggested it may taste better as an accompaniment for the delicious Pavlova ( The hostesses first brave attempt at this dessert) But no, even with such a tasty pud  most of it ended up in the ‘slops’ glass.

The third wine a Chardonnay grape was provided  by The hosts, the classic ‘ Black Tower’ bottle could not be disguised by any fancy wrapping, neither could the taste…it  still had that familiar ‘Black Tower’ tang – award winning or not , no one really enjoyed it.

“Grape minds think a like”  exclaimed Jacqui  as she presented the final offereing – a second bottle of Wolf Villa lucky we were to double up on the best wine of the evening – well done Jacqui and Karen  - you both get top Marks this time!

With disappointment written all over his face, Nick carried on sipping his diet coke…when he finally realised that the evenings winning wine Wolf Villa is not the latest power tool…just a very tasty white wine enjoyed by all.

Well I guess its time to put a cork in it …until the next time.

What a nice change to read another view on the wine club proceedings, we couldn't make it so Mark stepped in as author.

S x

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