Monday, 20 December 2010

Christmas Special

The Christams wine club was an eagerly anticipated evening.. However, we didn't all make it, the snow stopped one couple, even their Chelsea Tractor couldn't get them there, the price you pay for living out in the sticks, another couple laid up in bed with a nasty they say ! The rest of us, wrapped up and made our way through the snow on foot to our hosts for an evening of drinks food and fun.

Unwrapping ourselves on arrival to revel our glad rags, the hall was littered with wellie boots (the chianti smelled just like the boots) hats and coats, looked a bit like a boot fare.

Wines were anything beginning with the letter'c how festive.. The bottles were creatively wrapped to a Christmas theme (pictures above). We must all be children of the Blue Peter sticky back plastic/cut up a washing bottle era.. Really excellent 'attempts' a Christmas tree, Santa, Choir Boy and the winner a stack of gifts which was simple but very effective, well done Mr Stone & his artistic wife who helped by putting her finger on top so the ribbon could be tied!! How would he have managed without her contribution.

A tasty buffet accompanied the wines, a Chablis to start, a bit disappointing, followed by Claret, deep cherry colour and a nice smooth finish this proved to be the winner, very good value so pop to M & S to pick up a bottle or two for Christmas. ~ Bordeaux/Claret 2008 £6.99.

This was followed by a rather nice Cabernet Sauvignon from Asda £7.99 B & G 2007 but on offer at £5.

Lastly a Chianti, harsh and not very drinkable.See wellie boot note above.

So onto the fun and games, well it is Christmas after all, we handed out the Secret Santa gifts, always exciting, seeing who would dip out and not get their gift (from those that weren't there)would have been VERY funny if Mark had dipped out for a second year.. Then another game had been organized involving raffle tickets and random gifts to be taken from each other, too long to explain in depth, a good wheeze though..

Then naturally there was the spilt glass of wine, red of course...I leant across the table for Mick to squeeze my gift (!).. As he did this his full glass of red wine coursed over him, lap to shoulder in a bold diagonal line, couldn't have got more on him if he a had tried, also the cream carpet wasn't spared!! I was laughting to the point of tears, you just had to be there!
All in all a good Christmas wine club only shame was we weren't all there.

We also dipped in the bag to pick the months we would host for 2011... Just need to think of some wines to try.

Time to stick a cork in it.

Bye S.

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